Readers Comments

Since the release of The Winners Bible, feedback has been flooding in from our readers, so we thought we'd share just a few of the comments with you: Please note, due to the personal nature of these comments, we’ve kept the names anonymous to protect our readers' identities:

"I am amazed at the simplicity and power of the Winner's Bible…Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing a real road map for personal and professional success that goes so much further than any other book on personal development that I have read. I facilitate multiple organizations and networking groups in CA and I will wholeheartedly share this powerful resource…I also want to be able to share this with my friends and adult children as well. Thank you...thank you!"


"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The book is amazing. I've been working through the book over the last week or so and already feel more confident about the direction in which my life is going and the degree of control I have over my future. I've read a number of 'self help' books before which haven't given me the right tools to get the job done. I truly believe this book will help me to shape my path to where I want to be, so thank you. Rest assured, I'll be recommending it to others NB Los Angeles I spent much of the weekend reading The Winner's Bible. I am truly impressed and I believe this book will be a tremendous hit in the US"

R.Z - New York

"This book is amazing and thank-you for publishing such a great resource!"

M.C - NZ

“This is a fantastic book. I have read dozens of self improvement books from motivational to spiritual and this really is a breathe of fresh air.”

M.D - UK

"I love The Winner's Bible. Congratulations. Well done, Bravo!"


“I received my copy of "The Winner's Bible" and immediately dove in. You are so right. It really feels different than other self-help-motivation books. I am eternally grateful for your generosity in gifting me the book. And I am anxious to construct my personal Winner's Bible. I hope to have good reports to share. I've been chipping away at moving forward for a long time since completing my treatments and this just may do the trick. I am encouraged. Thank you, again”


"Thank you!...I have also ordered a copy for use in my work, I think it's a well-written and useful book."

J.M - NZ

"My wife was reading a copy of your book after the last earthquake on the 22nd, and it seemed to help a lot. We had to return the book to our neighbour, and looked forward to purchasing the book again after relocating. Thank you for your kind offer!"

S.N.E - NZ

"It is a real privilege to read the Winner's Bible. I waited for it for almost 5 years since that Discovery Channel's show...I am really finding the reasons why other programs I followed didn't promote what I was waiting for and I already feel some effects trough some activities...and I am just on its beggining..."

C - BR

"I would love to buy my father a (Swedish) copy. I have talked about the book with him so much...the last few chapters in the book where life-changing for me."

J.S - Sweden

"Thanks for the book. It's an excellent read. I like the paper quality and the weight to the book physically - that weight reassures me, reminding me of a textbook. As for the words...mate, top stuff...My personal Winners Bible (first edition) is made and has already been edited several times, it's an interesting and inspiring process. You can count me in for purchasing your future books..."

D.J - Australia

"Wow. Thank you so much for this great gesture...I have been reading extensively and discovering new processes, but it is Kerry's work that I find truly is one of the best books I have ever read"

M.C - NZ

"I am working my way through the "The Winner's Bible" it is fantastic a perfect fit for all the other personal development work I have done, I love the hands on approach and the work content in this process for me I have already purchased 4 copy's for family and friends."

N.D - Australia

"I thought the book was fantastic! It is truly the best book I have ever read!(and I read a lot!) I loved it and can't wait to get my whole family to read it..."

R.P - Australia

"My audit is done now and I must say I feel extremely privileged to have this opportunity to have feedback in this way. It will be very helpful."

R - NZ

"By the way, please allow me to express my profound thanks for the book. It is the first book for over a decade that I decided to protect with shiny clingfoil. Thanks to your book, I am re-taking control of my life (the aforementioned change took place because my personal bible helped me discover what I really wanted from life in general, and a relationship in particular) and changing myself and my life to the better. Thank you!! Any news on when the announced book on the winner's philosophy coming out, by the way? I am eagerly awaiting its publication, after your first book was/is of such tremendous help to me."

B - Germany

"I just wanted to tell you that the more I read, the more I can say this book is 'THE TRUTH.' I am living proof...that you can take the same tools you use with elite athletes and change someone's life in a few months. I was reading more in The Winners Bible this morning and I just started crying, because I know this is True! It is not a book like 'The Secret' or any other crazy self help book that promises outrageous change. And yet, I am physically and mentally changing. Just a few examples I can share with you. 1) My work performance is OFF the CHARTS, my Senior managers have both mentioned this to me (in just 2 wks back at work since reading your book)..I am coming up with fresh and innovative ideas.. 2) My Personal Winner's Bible is something I look at every day!!! However as the days go on I feel a stronger need to create new things, take out stuff, add new quotes, change photos. It's been crazy! I have this envelope I am keeping of new stuff I have to add. I am changing my heros/mentors page, I am rearranging my goals page. 3) Photo Shoot, so the picture I had with the gray sweater on in the front of My Personal Winner's Bible, was an old photo...I was 20lbs heavier...just last Christmas. I wanted to put a new fresh, photo in My Winners Bible, to reflect the changing me, so I had a friend who is a professional photographer take photos of me. When she showed me some of the photos, I nearly cried. It's a happier, 20lbs lighter, more confident version of me. 4) I have been purging old clothes, junk, around the house, a little every other day or so since I returned to Chicago. I am filling my wardrobe with more colorful clothes, coats, 5) etc. I actually feel lighter."

D - Chicago

"I have just finished reading the Winners bible and would like to know when i can get all the other books! This book is extremely well done!"


"This is a remarkable book (I'm on my second reading). No wonder it's been endorsed by numerous world champions"

I - Auckland

"Hello Kerry, We only met once. It was the greatest meeting of my daughter's life. For 8 years our family had tried everything we could to help our daughter. But we couldn't find the key. You held it. On behalf of all our family and friends, my deepest thanks will never be enough for what you have initiated in her life. What an amazing turnaround in her mind. Every day I see a little positive change."


"The book’s fantastic. Scorched through it and have put my personal Winners Bible together, although I suspect that doing it myself is not as good as working with a guru! – it was, however, intriguing to explore my own psyche to try and understand some of my less helpful behaviors… It's super easy to read, the anecdotes make it easy to get, but also pragmatic – a really good blend. I think my no.1 challenge is keeping up the daily review – I find it easy to skip when the pressure is on, although I also know that it’s the consistency that allows the re-wiring of the old nut to occur. I have already found one new trick which is incredibly helpful already – I used to put-off/not do/do poorly some work elements that I just didn’t enjoy doing, and would also get annoyed if things didn’t go my way; Consistency of purpose is the key. It's already been damn helpful."

S.M - Auckland

"I am half way through your book and loving the process. I have faced some very big challenges in my life. […] Can't say that I've had a miserable life in fact the opposite but I always felt that I was a 12 cylinder V8 super car that was missing the turbo charge. […] Thank you for taking the time to develop and bring us your tools. I am totally energised and it has given me the road map to tie up all of those loose scattered words, experiences, goals challenges etc into one source living document. I so get it! Your book has been my main topic of conversation with my friends and colleagues and it is the first book that I will never lend to anyone. Your process has put more wow into my life and lord help people around me once I have gotten to the end!"


"It [The Winners Bible] really is an extraordinary book - I have read many books in the past re 'power of the mind' etc and this is the first which strikes a chord with me and fits my philosophy I have engrained in me by my inspiring father. My father actually purchased the book for me, my mother and brother - so we are all enjoying the read and embarking on the tasks at our own pace. Please pass on my praise to Dr Spackman"


"Could you please pass my thanks onto Kerry. This is best book I have ever read. I have read every self help book under the sun and this is the only book that has given me belief that I can change my brain. In a nut shell I left school and played full time golf for two years with the dream of turning professional. Unfortunately I did not believe in myself one bit. Whilst I knew this had stemmed from an extremely hard up-bringing from my father everything i tried didn't work. Whilst I became a plus one golfer and beat most of the top golfers in the country I couldn't overcome my demons. In conjunction with the loss on my father, a dysfunctional relationship and not believing in myself i walked away from my dream at the age of 21. After reading Kerry's book I have realised this dream has never left me. Now at 31 my life is perfect in every way. I have an amazing wife, job, house, car and I'm physically in the best shape of my life. After reading Kerry's book I'm ready to complete my dream or at least not die wondering :-). I went out to [a local golf course] to test 1) I still had the natural ability, 2) If i could put my mind to it and 3) Whether i could enjoy the game. I played 9 holes which included 2 bogey's, 5 par's, a birdie and 'hole in one' eagle. One under the card with no practice, playing for months & without the application of Kerry's tools. Thanks for giving me the belief I can achieve my dream. Whilst it's a long road a head I will apply and dedicate every moment I have to applying Kerry's tools to permanently rewire my brain to become a professional golfer."


"Hi I have purchased The Winner's Bible, a welcome and much needed resource, as is the work you do. Enjoying the book and your website […] Thank you, and all the best!"

K.P - NZ

"I have found it very difficult in my field to find a place that marries evidence-based coaching techniques with psychology and recent advances in neuroscience. I am an avid reader around my subject and this is the first book that seems to me to get the mix exactly right. It is amazingly accessible and pitched at just the right level for the market. I’m full of admiration – for me the personal stories were all the more evocative because they were home grown. I loved this book and look forward to the one on philosophy"


"I just wanted to write and let you know that I've nearly finished the book and what an absolute pleasure it was to read. And one of the reasons I realised was that I hadn't had to deal with all of this stupid pc 'He' or 'She' business. It is such an easier read with He or they. So if you want to pass that on to Kerry that would be great. It was the best read I have had in ages and I look forward to putting all of his ideas to good use. Much appreciated."

L.T - NZ

"Just a quick note to say how great I found the book and I am really looking forward to putting all this info into practice. […] after reading the book it has already changed my thinking and outlook on life."

D.W - NZ

"Hi there, I've been using mindbender on my iphone, and have found this amazing! I really appreciate the additional tools, and even though on my 3rd read through (never have I read a self help book cover to cover before! I am an avid reader, just not so much a nonfiction reader...) am excited on the new development of having it on audio, as there is so much info, and will also help with my dyslexia! […]Thanks once again for all the amazing work Am so looking forward to all the other books!!!!"

Donna Gardner - NZ

"This will be the last self help book I will ever need, I know this works because other books take a one size fits all approach - when its not, we are all unique and you have provided the tools in the different areas (mentally) to assist us in all parts of our lives... Thank you for putting this resource out"

M.W - NZ

"Hi Kerry. I know Im just one of most likely thousands of feedback - so like many, I would like to express my excitement (and surprise to be honest) at having started reading your book but about 14 days ago, and within that time I have fulfilled two of my desires that I have been thinking about for quite some time!!!! […] I have been always open to making myself a better person and have read MANY books on self improvement and whilst they all contribute to the whole I can honestly say that NOTHING has come to me faster than what I have experienced with using your methods. Its also fantastic for my kids to witness as they can grow up believing that dreams CAN and DO come true. Thanx Kerry."

C.L - NZ

“I would like to congratulate you on this book! I have read numerous 'self-help' books, which were uplifting but not of any real assistance.”

Wendy - NZ

“I have your Book & am a better Person for having Read it, because of its ability to Inspire”

B.C - NZ

“Thank you for writing this book. No reply required”


“Thank you for supplying us with additional material on your web site. I enjoyed your book and the new twist on the topic. It clicked with me well done! […] You will be pleased to know that I was given this book from my father-in-law who bought one for all of his children. I also went to a breakfast meeting the other day and one of the women there had her winners bible with her. Thought you'd appreciate hearing that.”


“I think that is the beauty of the book that you can delve back into it and pick up more wisdom.”

M.D - NZ

"I refer back to my Winners Bible all the time. In reading it again and I’ve stopped again on the history chapter. i.e. Kerry talks about Accidental Hypnosis. I can relate to this entirely, how debilitating it is and life changing it is. I’ve been aware of mine for a very long time and have spent many hours working with professionals and reading self help books etc etc. Whilst it all helps it has not changed…………Kerry (at this stage) appears to be the ONLY person I have seen has made some sense of what is happening in side my head and actually offers an opportunity to change!"

C - NZ

"How long till the other books are ready? l can't wait the WINNERS BIBLE has changed the way l live my life. Thank you VERY MUCH."

S.P - Australia

"I Love My WINNER'S BIBLE Book, here so many things I can relate to in this book. My problem or weakness is when I start anything I never seem to see things through or accomplish my goals. Whereas I know that this is the best thing to come into my life."

R.W - NZ

"Firstly, I have to say thank you Kerry for your life changing book. I spend a lot of time reading personal development book and I have to say yours is the best written I have ever come across. Your book would be an absolutely brilliant resource to help people build businesses online."

R.H - Australia

"Just wanted to say a huge "Thanks" to Kerry and all involved for creating a fantastic book and website. Your work and effort is truly appreciated. I'm sure that the people whose lives you are touching and shaping through your work would agree with me in saying that the world needs more people like you who create positivity, energy and life affirming encouragement!"


"I have just finished reading the winners bible and I believe it is a valuable tool for me and to those who read it."

M.S - Australia

"Heard you on the radio this am and bought your new book today - we are in synch!!!"

E.B. - NZ

"I just wanted to say thank you for writing The Winners Bible and creating the online audit process. Doing the audit has been extremely valuable and I have gained insights about myself that I would never have realised otherwise. It has been a very liberating experience and one I would recommend for everybody."

G. - NZ

"I'm reading 'The Winner's Bible' and it is absolutely amazing. I have read every kind of success book trying to learn and master the human mind but this one is a cut above."

L.S. - NZ

I recently viewed/met/was introduced to you and your work through the Global Summit interview with Henare. I only got to watch a few minutes but it obviously was talking to me as I wrote "The Winners Bible" name down and went down to my local library. It was out and I had to wait a few weeks for it to come back in. Usually if I have a book I am enjoying, I'll read into the night but your book "The Winners Bible" was precious somehow and I only read when my mind was alert, and took my time. Leaving the book to digest what I was reading until I was ready for more. I'n my 45 years I have read hundreds of self development and self help books - my friends make fun of my bookcase's content! But I have never had a book resonate so much with me than the winners bible. I finished it this morning. Thank you! I'm now going to read it again, doing the exercises and implement my bible into my life. Just really wanted to thank you for writing it, wonderful book, wonderful work, wonderful guide to creating the life I dream about but always seems out of reach.

K.- US